Hate Me Now: Tiffany anti infers I’m autistic because I doubt she’s destroying Korea


Welcome back to Hate Me Now, and I’m glad to say I actually have content worthy of this feature for once.


One commenter recently stormed onto Asian Junkie on the issue of Tiffany‘s flag controversy to basically express that they hate her, and that this is another example of what a gigantic dumbass bitch she is or something like that. I disagreed that she’s LITERALLY the worst human ever, which apparently makes people who are 100% convinced that everybody who doesn’t hate Tiffany is a dumbfuck very very very upset.



Typical Internet argument that inevitably gets personal because people disagreeing online about people they don’t even know is serious business.

The best part, though, comes later, when the person accusing me of being angry in our exchange (???) replies to another person who agrees with them and speculates that I’m on the autism spectrum as an insult because they’re so pressed about my dissent.


If you don’t agree that Tiffany is ruining the universe, you are on the spectrum, and people on the spectrum deserve to be associated with negative connotations, apparently.

Look, if my whole problem is that I believe your opinion is irrational and illogical, and your eventual response to my disagreement is that the only reason I could feel that way is because I’m autistic, I’m not sure why that is supposed to change my mind on their general disposition when it comes to an issue.

Uh … feeling solid about my initial judgment, thanks for reinforcing the fuck out of it.


Just to recap, the person who called me angry and condescending, who also later accused me of living a pathetic life, resorted to inferring that I was autistic as an insult in an attempt to win an Internet argument because they were so pressed that I didn’t think Tiffany making a gigantic mistake meant that she “caused incredible harm on the national psyche” and “is ruining the kids that follow her with her literally barely functioning brain”.

Of course, the most hurtful jab of all is the accusation at the end that I am a delulu Tiffany stan.

Fucking excuse me. I literally posted this in the comments on that day.


All the personal attacks about my life or personality is just water off my back, you know? No biggie, part of running a site and stuff. But I cannot be asked to tolerate the hurtful libel that I am a delulu Tiffany stan. That kind of personal assault is just unnecessary and causes long-term damage to people.


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