“Agust D” is whatever, but Suga’s “The Last” is what’s legit


Suga of BTS recently released his mixtape ‘Agust D‘ under the name Agust D and featuring the music video for the song “Agust D“.

For me, it was sorta whatever. The Eminem flow was sort of interesting in Korean, but I honestly didn’t feel it was compelling nor was it noteworthy enough to write about.

Obviously though, I am writing about Suga’s mixtape, but for another song, called “The Last“.

The lyrics are real and amazing, and the variety of deliveries he uses to match the lyrical content was definitely a nice touch. Angry when it needs to be, deranged when it needs to be, and downtrodden when it needs to be, it heightens what the track’s trying to say.

Just so much better than hearing about an STD and chodes.


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