No, Tiffany didn’t ignore fans and maliciously post up the Rising Sun Flag


So as expected, Tiffany‘s flag controversy is not calming down and it probably won’t anytime soon either. Also as expected, people are using this situation to be extra about it and fabricate all sorts of narratives.

For example, there’s this notion that Tiffany was warned by fans about the flag, saw those warnings, and for whatever reason just decided to say “fuck it” and post up the Rising Sun Flag on Snapchat. That’s being spread to further the narrative that she did this on purpose and maliciously.

Sorta like this

6. [+12,900, -261] The thing that’s worse about Tiffany is that fans informed her and told her to delete it when she put up the Japanese flag emoticon the day before liberation day. Then on the day of liberation, it’s as if she gave everyone a big f*ck you and put up the confederate flag while showing off her luxury bag. She better not think of ever stepping foot inside the Korean industry again.

…or this…

9. [+10,573, -160] Tiffany put up other posts yesterday saying she loves Tokyo and Japan and fans asked her not to write it saying it’s national liberation day so she deleted it. Then she put up other pictures of the Japanese flag on the actual day of liberation before deleting it and then straight up put up Tokyo! with the confederate flag. How can you call those simple mistakes?

…or this.

1. [+3,998, -73] This f*cking b*tch was informed by her fans that it was liberation day and she puts up the confederate flag on the day of our holiday. Pretty much a big f*ck you to our country. Taking her off ‘Slam Dunk’ isn’t enough, just kick her out of Korea. The biggest b*tch I’ve ever seen in my life.

The problem is that it doesn’t appear to be true at all.

Basically a lot of what’s making it even worse than it already was for Tiffany is that netizens believe that Tiffany deleted the regular Japanese flag on Instagram before she posted up the Snapchat, thus proving in their eyes that she’s some kind of malicious right-wing Japanese nationalist or something and posted the Rising Sun Flag on Snapchat with those intentions.


The picture, however, provides receipts that the progression of things was actually that the Instagram posts were made with the Japanese flag, the Snapchat post was then made, backlash likely ensued, the Snapchat post was subsequently deleted, and lastly she deleted the Japanese flags from the Instagram posts.

Thus, besides the logical conclusion that Tiffany did not want to in fact sympathize with Japanese colonizers of Korea, the timeline and the assumptions that came with it are all bullshit.


Look man, when this initially came out, I called her actions out for what they were: fucking stupid. And while there’s definitely no defending what Tiffany did, it’s more than fair to point out blatant lies and the general ridiculousness that’s stemming from it.

7. [+164, -11] Can we please make it a law prohibiting foreigners from becoming celebrities in our country

9. [+139, -2] Koreans are actually being so nice about this when it’s something severe enough to blow SM’s building up over


Because as we all know, when somebody does a shitty thing, that gives you the green light to do and say even shittier things in retaliation, and it definitely doesn’t make you a mess or a hypocrite or an idiot.


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