Jong Shin Yoon’s “Empty City” is my go-to summer track


Jong Shin Yoon features Gaeko on this funky hip-hop inspired pop track, a song he wrote while thinking of those who still can’t take a vacation and are left remaining in an “Empty City.” This has had me grooving along for the past two weeks, and while I didn’t plan to write anything on it, I feel compelled to do so now that it’s risen up to be my go-to summer song for 2016.

There’s really not much to dislike about this track. The opening disco beat meets up with hip-hop and funk elements, something that always pairs fantastically together. The verses simply groove along with Jong Shin’s relaxed and easy delivery, and I really enjoy the layering they do on his vocals throughout. The repetitions in the chorus make the melody an instant ear-worm for me, as well.

Another positive to this is that Gaeko’s verses aren’t just harmless and there, but actually serve a purpose and aid in pushing things along. It’s the back and forth between the melody and the rap that makes the need for a bridge or breakdown in the second half of the song unnecessary. Typically, we see sections like that happen as a means to help a build towards the climax, but there’s never a true build to this, and while some might consider that a criticism, I find that this is a great example of a song that doesn’t need one.


The music video is simple in the best way. I love the movement, the scenery, and visually it’s a great pair up with the song.






Both the song and the music video are two of my favorite things to come out of this summer from Korea. It’s a great up-tempo groove with an easy-going melody that is perfect for the season, and my playlist is certainly more enjoyable with its addition.


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