Singer/author Oh Jieun defends Tiffany against outsized outrage


Singer/author Oh Jieun has shown that she has the biggest balls in the room, stepping up to defend Tiffany in the face of her gigantic flag controversy that has somehow turned from a horribly stupid mistake into … well, stuff like this.

1. [+3,145, -58] If a foreign celebrity in Poland put up the Nazi flag, she’d be shot down and killed. That’s how severe what this b*tch did in our country is. She could be shot and killed this very instant and she’d still deserve all of it. Don’t make a big deal out of her getting cut out of one ad. This is just the beginning.

So yeah, I think a lot of reasonable people aren’t fans of this morphing into something it never was, and she expressed as such, along with speculation about why this is.

I mean, I don’t see a lie.

We’ve made similar points about these controversies that blow up all the time, because they’re clearly true as they repeat over and over and over again.

People truly are acting like Tiffany went to Yasukuni Shrine and worshiped there, and the comparison is about as accurate as you’ll get to something that would probably deserve this sort of reaction. You know, instead of what actually went down being the clear mistake that it was.

And again, because some people can’t fucking read, nowhere does anybody clear Tiffany of wrongdoing. This is solely about people fabricating lies and the outsized reaction for what actually transpired.


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