‘God Of Music’ has Kim Tae Woo, Kangin, SNSD shade & an otaku ‘My Sassy Girl’ parody


God Of Music‘ recaps are back because I needed to finish this desperately due to all the gloriousness. For whatever reason, even though the other episode was taken down, this one was not (yet).

Anyway, there’s a mirror for it just in case.


One of the better parts of the episode comes early, when Kim Tae Woo shows up and all the trainees sing for him. The two who haven’t gone through “vocal training” do a normal job but then two of the CIVA members showcase what they’ve learned.

Then … well, there’s Lee Soo Min ending Kim Tae Woo.


Dude couldn’t even get Kyungri‘s group right.

It’s too real.


Later, CRUSH joins the hip-hop crew eventually, but is only persuaded once he realizes Jang Moonbok is there.

Also, we can use this picture for basically every hip-hop release from now on, right?



The company then heads to SM Entertainment for some reason or another, but really just to shit on them.

Like with Kangin




…or the SNSD mess.

Man, I have absolutely no idea who they could be talking about.


Last and certainly least was Lee Sangmin‘s birthday, where he searches through Kim Gaeun and Kyungri’s swimsuits in search of a present.

And then he gets a present, but from the otakus, during which they deliver a timeless ‘My Sassy Girl‘ parody for their figurine.

The tragedy.


No lies.



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