Oh My Girl’s JinE continues to battle anorexia, has to halt activities


JinE of Oh My Girl has had to stop activities to facilitate her battle against anorexia, according to an official statement released by WM Entertainment.

“We have put a halt on all of JinE’s activities and put her on vacation indefinitely due to health reasons. We are sorry to break this news so abruptly and apologize to all fans who love Oh My Girls and JinE. Ever since debut JinE has suffered from symptoms of anorexia and have been receiving treatment. The company has been talking and pondering on the matter with JinE and after a long discussion we decided to put our artist’s health as priority and have decided to put her on an indefinite break. Oh My Girl’s will be pursuing their activities as 7 for now and we will do our best to support JinE’s treatment to the best of our ability. We are again sorry to all the fans and hope they show unwavering support and love towards Oh My Girl”

In case you’ve forgotten, back in October of last year, it was revealed that JinE was diagnosed with anorexia.

“I’m the type that gains weight really easily. I saw the pictures from my last round of promotions and was triggered to go through dieting. I wanted to show a prettier side to my image so I starved, went through harsh meal plans, and even exercised as well. I lost 8~9kg but I lost it by eating and not eating so I also got oesophagitis.”

“I will always show a bright side on stage. If I’m sick, people watching will be worried. So instead of doing harsh dieting, I will take care of my body healthily.”

So yeah, this is definitely not a positive turn of events, but while it’s concerning, at least the company decided to take action. Hopefully she’s able to overcome this (again?) and resume whatever she wants to do.

As far as her future is concerned, while I’m not saying she should quit, I also can’t imagine that the combination of her disorder and being in this environment is the best idea.


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