Dust Off: ‘Dangerous Invitation’ was hilarious, because I am a simple man


There’s not much to explain when it comes to ‘Dangerous Invitation‘, because watch enough of it and you’ll figure it out eventually. But basically one female celebrity gets invited on a show with four male comedians for an interview, except during the interview if certain words are said, they get punished in some form. The punishment ranges from getting water dumped on their heads, to getting sprayed from the heavens in the crotch, to getting dumped into a pool, to getting blasted in the face with a hose of water, to getting literally launched into the pool.


I am a simple and stupid man, so this is basically all I need on random days to be in tears. The most harrowing thing about watching this is how 10 years later so many of the celebrities interviewed are no longer relevant or known at all to the current crowd. Hell, aside from Yoo Jae Suk, I think every comedian on the show has ruined their career by now. Most importantly, I think I have dated myself by revealing that I used to watch this on television.

Anyway, I picked out the episodes with some of the names you might know.


Park Ji Yoon


Bae Doona


Jang Nara



Kim Tae Hee



Ha Ji Won



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