“SMOKE WEED GET IT GET IT” – Iron, who is facing 3 weed charges, on “Rock Bottom”


Iron, the rapper who is currently being investigated on three charges of illegal marijuana use, does not give a fuck anymore. Or at least I think that’s the lesson of his comeback with “Rock Bottom“.

Granted, I’m not his lawyer, but I can’t imagine his advice was to put “SMOKE WEED GET IT GET IT” on a track while he’s facing drug charges. But the fact that it makes no sense and is potentially dumb as fuck is what makes this all even better.

While “this track goes hard” is so overused in regards to hip-hop, “Rock Bottom” actually does go hard. Additionally, there’s a sense of authenticity to this, because given what’s going on in the real world, it’s impossible not to think that he’s actually the guy in the music video because he has to be to be releasing shit like this while he’s facing jail.

This is all crazy, honestly.

Also, I’m like 90% sure that in the intro he says, “What’s good all my negroes?”

So yeah.


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