MOBB’s “Hit Me” has a hook and bridge that makes it a hit


Along with “Full House, MOBB also released “Hit Me“, which is a lot different in tone and purpose. Still, the light-hearted music video hits the right spots and both the hook and bridge are disturbingly addictive.

The verses are adventures, going from a spitting rhymes over a pounding instrumental to a happy-go-lucky sound with a sing-songy style. It’s poppy overall, but sonically it’s not all that well conceived or constructed, and the rapping itself is nothing to write home about.

But, uh … I’m not sure any of that matters to me at all.


No, no it doesn’t.

The entire time the hook plays, I can’t stop thinking about where I might’ve heard the synth beat before, because I swear it’s sampled from something. It has to be, right? Because it’s fucking amazing and whenever it ends I’m just waiting and waiting until it hits again. It’s so funky and fun to a catchy beat, and it’s supplemented by what is basically yelling off-tune to the rhythm. It should be fucking terrible, but it works and actually complements the synth progression until you can’t imagine anything else other than being in a crowd of people and yelling along when it comes up.

Better yet, the bridge takes a song that’s conceptually perfect for a crowd and literally puts them in the middle of a crowd. The choral effect of all the people chanting takes the light and funkier parts of the instrumental and ups the intensity for a rather perfect conclusion.

Fuck, I hate myself.


Like the poppy tone to the song, the music video definitely has a humorous overall vibe to it where the end goal appears to be fun.





There’s nothing to analyze, honestly, it’s supposed to be a fun music video and it achieves that goal by having them making fools of themselves in different locations.

Shit’s great.


“Hit Me” starts with a goal to be a party song, and it checks off all the boxes, not only going with the perfunctory happy-go-lucky attitude and sound, but adding an amazing hook and capping everything off with a bridge that encapsulates everything the track is supposed to be. I doubt MOBB themselves needed to be a part of this for my feelings on the track to be what they are, but credit goes to them nevertheless for not messing it up, which is a bigger compliment than it should be in Korean entertainment.


“Hit Me”


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