Jung Hyung Don is coming back to ‘Weekly Idol’ … woot woot


In perhaps the biggest news of the day, Jung Hyung Don is coming back from his hiatus due to anxiety to his hosting role on ‘Weekly Idol.’

According to one source’s statements on September 13, the TV personality is currently in talks with producers from various programs, including MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” about a return to his original, fixed positions. He is reportedly confirmed to start by returning to “Weekly Idol” sometime this month, and is discussing the details.

His agency FNC Entertainment states, “It’s true he will make a return [to television] sometime in September. Currently, we are carefully working out the specifics.”

I’m not glad to see Hani and Heechul go (and who knows who else), but I am glad to see the guy who made the show tick makes his comeback.


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