Kim Min Hee & Hong Sang Soo reportedly ‘breakup’ while saying there was no affair


After the scandal caused by their relationship, actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo have ended things, supposedly because she was concerned over the future of her career.

On September 13, news outlet World Today reported, “According to a source in the business industry, actress Kim Min Hee decided to break up with Hong Sang Soo due to her film comeback.”

The best part is that the source says there’s no affair going on.

Furthermore, the source said, “Their relationship is not like what people think it is. They shared a friendship as film people and did not have a secret wedding and are not adulterers. They became close after Director Hong left his home and Kim Min Hee took care of him; they’re not lovers.”

So what need would there be to “break up” then?

This is the good PR bullshit folks. Get some wasabi, clear those nostrils, and take a nice hearty whiff of it. Glorious.


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