Gong Yoo’s agency warns people against degenerates like us


Gong Yoo‘s agency, SOOP Management, released a statement the other day, basically warning people against unsavory individuals (or sites) who would dare do things like spread shit about Gong Yoo wanting to know why people call him ‘daddy’ or ‘papi’.

On September 18, his agency SOOP Management released a statement, saying, “Recently, numerous fake and bot social media accounts have been found purporting to be from actor Gong Yoo. We are releasing this notice as a result of the confusion felt by many of the fans due to these incidents. Gong Yoo does not have any social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Weibo). We do not operate any social media accounts for him either. We ask for all fans to confirm this point so that there will be no more confusion.”

Yeah, man, like what kind of fucking site that is dedicated to only the highest quality journalism would ever spread bullshit like that, man?



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