Crayon Pop finally return with campy, catchy, and fun “Doo Doom Chit”


Crayon Pop returned to us earlier this month with “Vroom Vroom,” teasing the possibility that they would be going back to their old sound. Well, the music video for “Doo Doom Chit“, which is named after a dancing cat meme and is onomatopoeia for ‘ba dum tss’, certainly takes us back as promised.

The instrumental is heavily reliant on a saxophone riff and the song itself is an energetic dance track, which sorta immediately makes me a fan by default. Crayon Pop stanning aside, I’ve said for a while it’s harder to go wrong with me if you include those aspects and I guess it’s only appropriate that Crayon Pop would come back with them both.

My main concern after “Vroom Vroom” was that even though they would get the hook right, the verses would struggle a bit. Thankfully “Doo Doom Chit” doesn’t suffer from that issue at all and the sung verses are actually a major strength. They’re lively and engaging, and rather than stall the track like the “Vroom Vroom” verses did at times, the verses on “Doo Doom Chit” frequently power the track forward and generate momentum. Ellin‘s rap verse, on the other hand, was … different. It feels wrong that it’s not Way to begin with, but while it’s not song ruining or anything, they could’ve easily avoided a rap verse altogether and just continued with the excellence of the verses.

The make or break for this comeback, or really any comeback in K-pop, is the chorus. Personally, even though the chorus dropped the pace a bit from the verses and was heavily instrumental, I found it addictive … eventually. At first, I was a bit concerned that it wasn’t fluid and had a lot of empty space, but I did find myself humming along ‘doo doom chit’ at random times around the house since the showcase, which is generally a positive sign that the hook worked. Hell, even besides the ‘doo doom chit’, the secondary hook of the combination of “whoas” and “ohs” also worked towards the same purpose.

In the end, though it wasn’t perfect, “Doo Doom Chit” definitely gets their full album off on the right foot and I have bad feeling I’ll be stuck humming this for a while.


As for the music video, it was an appropriate mix of silly and visually engaging.



The choreography is inherently amusing to me since it’s based on a meme, and I’m all about dumb shit like that. Sure, it’s shameless, but it actually works as fun and unique dancing.

I also enjoyed how they worked the name into the sets, which I didn’t actually expect and makes me wonder whether all the random sets and outfits were just so they could make that intro work or not.


Speaking of the sets, I thought they had an interesting setup with all the different concepts smushed onto one stage.

Of course, the visuals were on point.






Campy? Yes. Fun? Of course. And really if you go into a Crayon Pop music video looking for that, chances are you’ll get both and be entertained if nothing else.


I’m just glad Crayon Pop went back to what they do best. From the instrumental to the hook to the outfits to the choreography to even the title of the damn thing, “Doo Doom Chit” was a successful return to what they do best for Crayon Pop and that’s basically all I could ask for.


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“Doo Doom Chit”


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