Crayon Pop return to old style on “Vroom Vroom”, which boasts an infectious hook


Crayon Pop‘s company bankrupted themselves (probably) by using Crayon Pop’s money on debuts they couldn’t afford, so now Crayon Pop couldn’t afford a music video for “Vroom Vroom” and are also using the girls as slave labor for their first full album. Nevertheless, the pre-release track still managed to get the most important thing right, even though it does seem they could’ve used help on sections of it.

The instrumental sounds like some kind of mix of old disco T-ara and Orange Caramel‘s usual staggered eclectic mess, which is exactly why I love them all. It’s funky and fun and immediately draws the listener in because it has a welcoming feel and it continues to thrive as the song pounds on.

That’s not to say I don’t have complaints, though. The verses are fine whenever they stay in their lower register of singing, and even the quasi-rap parts are initially fine as they build up to the first hook. However, the post-chorus and the quasi-rap sections that followed were too plentiful for my taste. It stopped being a change of pace and started to be a hindrance to the pacing of the track in the second verse, but thankfully there wasn’t a lot of time left to get any worse.

Of course, those complaints weren’t enough to keep me from enjoying the song. The chorus is addictive and works well with the lively instrumental, with the repeated “vroom” serving as the hook. If the sound itself wasn’t enough of a reminder that they are back, then the familiar refrain of “pop pop keu re yong pop” within the song was a nice callback and bit of fanservice. Hell, it was a lot more effective than most of the what they tried to do aside from the chorus anyway.

In the end, all I can say is “thank god.” Not sure if the actual album will sound like this, but “Vroom Vroom” itself definitely goes back to the group’s roots. It’s about time.


‘Vroom Vroom’

“Vroom Vroom”


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