The girls of A Pink are a lot of fun, and I wish their songs like “Only One” were as well


A Pink have returned with “Only One“, and I doubt I’m the only one rather surprised that they came with something even more beige and lifeless than usual.

I’m actually a fan of A Pink. I write nice things about them all the time because a lot of their members don’t give a single fuck and are genuinely entertaining. I also actually used to love their almost throwback girl group concepts with fun hook songs. But as of late they’ve seemingly tried to become more serious or mature while maintaining the innocence of it all, and it’s honestly made for a rather drab and safe affair overall.

As such my expectations were already not exactly sky high, but “Only One” was surprising in its plainness even to me. Sure, one could describe this as chill and relaxing, but one could also describe this as bland, inoffensive, and boring, especially when you consider this is the lead single from an idol group.

There’s just a lack of energy to it, and for a song that’s supposed to control you then with the performance, I don’t think it does a good job of engaging on that front either. The strongest point is probably the instrumental, in which you can hear the leftovers of A Pink’s promising past songs if you up the tempo a bit. However, the song never does, and neither does anything emerge as memorable.

It’s just … there, like it’s background music or something of the sort.


The music video was, of course, appropriately chill/plain and relaxing/boring.


It makes sense for the concept, but I just think the concept generally sorta sucks. I will say, though, that they all looked great and the outdoor sets were enough nice to look at, making the visuals a lot more engaging than the song at least.


If it wasn’t already obvious, I wasn’t much of a fan of A Pink’s “Only One” comeback, and honestly it came off like they were at the stage of just mailing it in or something. I know they’re a lot of fun and I’ve heard them make fun comebacks before, so to be reduced to this now is a disappointment.


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“Only One”


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