Sunhwa leaves SECRET and I’m totally shocked, you guys


Sunhwa has left TS Entertainment and thus SECRET, and I’m personally floored. Oh no, wait, literally nobody is because this has been rumored for a while and is likely why SECRET hasn’t had a comeback in forever.

TS Entertainment announced on September 26 KST that its four-member girl group, Secret, will be continuing on with three-members as Han Sunhwa has decided not to renew her contract with the agency. Her contract ends on October 13.

Definitely wish her good luck in terms of her acting career, but honestly? I’ve never cared about her as an actress, she’s been sorta fucking over SECRET for a while now, and I mainly enjoyed her on ‘Invincible Youth‘ (which she says she hated), so the fact that she’s not doing any of that stuff anymore sorta makes me wish this would’ve happened sooner than later just to get it out of the way so everybody could move on.



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