Clazziquai’s Horan caught drunk driving on way to work, ruins everything


Because we can’t have nice things, before I even got off my lazy ass to cover Clazziquai‘s comeback, it’s now basically over because Horan was caught drunk driving after getting into an accident.

Horan’s management, Ji Ha Dal, stated in an official press release that “Horan has been questioned by the police for drunk driving and a fender-bender at the south end of the Sungsoo Bridge on her way to a live radio broadcast today September 29, 6 a.m. KST.” It continued, “Horan is deeply apologetic as she knows there is no excuse or explanation for what she did. She will cease all broadcast activities and have a time of deep reflection regarding her actions.”

So not only was there an accident, but she was on her way to work drunk. Christ, get it the fuck together.

Oh yeah, and not to say she doesn’t deserve every bit of this, but unlike anything we’ve heard on Kangin, at least Horan’s driver’s license will be cancelled for this.

Come the fuck on, everybody.


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