Crayon Pop’s Soyul stops activities due to anxiety disorder (nooooooo)


Soyul of Crayon Pop has been diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder and will be withdrawing from all group activities while she recovers.

“Soyul has started to suffer from severe anxiety disorder. She will be halting all her promotions and Crayon Pop will continue with 4 members for the time being.”

“During their preparation for ‘Evolution Pop’, she was diagnosed with the anxiety disorder. Her return will be discussed after she recovers from her condition.”

Uh, wow. I had heard she was sick, but I thought it was physical and not mental.

As somebody with anxiety/panic disorder myself, it’s certainly not a thing I would wish on anybody, much less a public figure. And while people are talking about this promotional cycle, this is a condition that will likely follow her for life, so it’s important to get the treatment correct now. Like with Jung Hyung Don, she’s gonna have to learn to live with it, and it’s a process that could take months or years, but hopefully she does return eventually whenever she’s ready.

Soyul beast mode time.


In the meantime, I’ll miss her and Crayon Pop isn’t the same without the five.


Also, I really hope the disorder isn’t connected to this, but Soyul used to have an awesome and active Instagram account before she deleted the whole thing a while back with the excuse of doing it for the fans of the fancafe. However, a lot of people knew that she was being harassed by some people who were being obsessive/stalkerish about her and that was likely the cause of her deleting the account. A lot of times these types of disorders have some type of cause in formation, and I really hope that wasn’t it.

Either way, stop being obsessive about your idols.


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