Hyuna of Nine Muses leaves group, things are going … poorly


Hyuna of Nine Muses has announced through a handwritten letter that she will be leaving the group after six years, which Star Empire Entertainment confirmed.

Hyuna wrote, “I made this decision after contemplating and thinking for a very long time, but it still doesn’t feel real. I still feel like I will laugh and chat loudly with members, receive love from you all, and be happy like I always have.” She continued, “There were times when we fought but Star Empire was always warm and has family-like atmosphere so I’m a bit afraid about leaving. However, as the oldest member of 9MUSES I won’t lose my passion and will work hard to show you the color of Moon Hyuna more comfortably.” Hyuna also thanks Star Empire and the agency’s employees and staff members. Finally, she concludes her letter thanking fans for their love.


Uh … yikes. Another one of the more popular members gone, and Nine Muses are now down to five members. While it’s great that all of the Nine Muses members seem to exit on good terms with one another, this constantly lineup shuffling is one of the reasons they’ve struggled to really get a foothold … uh … ever. And at this point, more than hoping they finally make it big, it seems like things are going sharply in the other direction.


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