Cosmic Girl (RaNia’s Jooyi) returns with promising “Then What Are You Doing”


Former RaNia member Jooyi has made her return to the entertainment world as Cosmic Girl, releasing the digital single, “Then What Are You Doing“.

The R&B road is definitely the genre that fits her skill-set best, and she showcases a lot of what made her standout in RaNia on “Then What Are You Doing”. The slow and sensual verses were nice and pleasant, but did sound a lot like many other R&B efforts. However, the explosion at the chorus surprised me a bit and took the song down a less safe route, and that definitely helped differentiate her sound.

Overall, it was an impressive debut showing for Jooyi/Cosmic Girl, and she has (and always has had) a lot of promise going down this career path.


‘Then What Are You Doing’

“Then What Are You Doing”


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