Chrome Entertainment statement provides details on Soyul’s diagnosis/outlook


Crayon Pop‘s company, Chrome Entertainment, recently gave a statement on Soyul‘s diagnosis. Thankfully, it was rather promising both in terms of her healthy and how the company handled it.


Hello, this is Chrome Entertainment.

We have to inform everyone that Crayon Pop’s member, Soyul will have to temporarily halt team activities due to health problems.

During the production of Crayon Pop’s full album, Soyul had complained of symptoms such as inexplicable headaches and suffering from breathing difficulties. She managed to prepare the album during the cover and MV filming despite suffering from these symptoms. When it was time for the official comeback, although we were hoping for Soyul’s symptoms to turn for the better, the symptoms became more serious while undergoing promotions, to the point of her not being able to stand up before the stage. According to the hospital’s diagnosis, Soyul is suffering from the early stages of anxiety disorder as a result of chronic fatigue, and was advised to undergo rest.

Following that, with Soyul, the members and the company had an emergency meeting on 3 October after an official schedule. We seriously discussed the inclusion of Soyul. We decided that from the second week of the comeback, Soyul will be taken out of broadcasts, and the remaining four members, Gummi, Choa, Way and Ellin will carry on ‘Doo Doom Chit’ activities.

For us to make such a difficult decision in the first week after comeback due to a sudden change of circumstances, be it herself or all the other Crayon Pop members and staff, cannot help but be sad. However, with the present situation, we believe Soyul’s health is of utmost priority. We have promised to aid in her recovery as best as we can, and promise that Soyul will return to ‘Doo Doom Chit’ activities when her condition turns for the better, as well as express our apologies towards the members and the fans. Following that, the four members have urgently tweaked the choreography of ‘Doo Doom Chit’ so as to replace Soyul’s spot, while training overnight tirelessly. Please support the four member stage of ‘Doo Doom Chit.’

We wish there will the day where the full ‘Doo Doom Chit’ lineup will arrive quickly, as well as ask the Sketchbook fans, who love and protect Crayon Pop, for their forgiveness and understanding.


Knowing the details actually helps me feel better about Soyul’s condition, assuming this is most of the truth. It sounds like maybe the anxiety/panic disorder symptoms were brought on by fatigue, and perhaps if she gets adequate rest, it’s something that might subside eventually. That’s my hope, at least, because it’s a ton better than actually having the disorder(s) and having to get medicated and/or go through therapy sessions.

Here’s hoping.



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