Jiyoon says there was no discord in 4Minute, with HyunA or anybody else


4Minute broke up in mid-June, and shortly after that news dropped HyunA‘s backing vocalists/backup dancers seemed to get all petty on Instagram, continuing to follow each other but not HyunA. That led to speculation that the other four felt betrayed by HyunA because she stayed with Cube Entertainment, or that there was some kind of discord within the group.

Well, recently Jiyoon spoke out and said that there was no discord.


On one hand, if she wants to retain the support of 4Minute fans, who are likely the only fanbase she has at this point, it makes sense to say everything was fine in the press even if it wasn’t. On the other hand, it does seem like only her and HyunA want to continue music at this point, and so if multiple group members just want to act from now on, it makes sense that the group just broke up over that.

Personally? I still think they’re salty as fuck at HyunA over something or other, but we’ll see in the long run how it plays out.


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