Rainbow will disband in November, confirmed by DSP Media


Rainbow will disband on November 12 after seven years together as a group, as confirmed by their agency DSP Media.

On the morning of October 28 KST, the agency that produced the K-pop girl group confirmed through an official statement, after reports of the members not renewing their contracts surfaced, that “although we discussed with Rainbow members Kim Jaekyung, Go Woori, Kim Jisook, Noel, Oh Seungah, Jung Yoonhye, and Jo Hyunyoung about their future, they have decided to go their separate ways.”

It added, “We hope that like a rainbow that shines bright anywhere, the members will be remembered for their bright, positive image and that people will continue to send their wholehearted support and encouragement for their future activities.” It also thanked the fans for their support of the group for the past seven years.

Quite frankly, the writing was on the wall for years now, and it’s unfortunate that it came to this. The group was successful enough, but they just never managed to really take off no matter how quality the songs were or how multi-talented their members were.

Well, at the very least, Jisook and Jaekyung should find their places in the entertainment world.


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