Yoon Do Hyun, Reddy, G2, Inlayer, Johnny fuse prog metal & rap on “Nightmare”


Musician Yoon Do Hyun, rappers Reddy and G2, progressive metal band Inlayer, and … trainee Johnny teamed up on “Nightmare” for ‘SM Station‘ on a track the fused progressive metal and rap.

Inlayer, who already graced us with ‘Final Fantasy‘ boss music, was definitely the star of this track with their instrumental since it made everything about this work. Yoon Do Hyun’s vocals fit the atmosphere appropriately, as did G2’s aggressive rapping style. However, I thought Reddy should’ve done better, as he didn’t really fit in and sorta killed the mood a bit, which was surprising. Johnny … I have no idea who the fuck he is or what he was doing. I guess he was the dude smiling into the camera and pretending to DJ or something? I dunno.

The fact that “Nightmare” was released by SM Entertainment as a part of ‘SM Station’ did mean that a lot of K-pop fans were exposed to this and whined about it despite the fact that this was one of the better efforts from the platform yet. Bonus points for that, really.


‘Nightmare’ Single Album

“Nightmare” Song


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