Lovelyz’s Kei & The Solutions collab on “Beautiful” surprised me


Kei of Lovelyz and The Solutions from HIGHGRND got together to collab on “Beautiful“, which I expected nothing out of but came away impressed.

I’ve heard Kei sing before because I’ve listened to Lovelyz, and I always heard she had a wonderful voice, but I never REALLY listened to her sing. As such, I hit play on this expecting some kind of sterile, high note wank from her — admittedly, partially due to her aegyo queen image and looks — that everybody in K-pop jacks off to. Thankfully, I was surprised to find that her voice is actually quite soulful sounding and sits in the lower register nice, which helps her pair well with her male counterpart on this duet of sorts.

Also surprising was that “Beautiful” was not some lame-ass ballad, and instead it actually had tempo and instrumentation. Of course, there still had to be some high notes to hit cause it’s still Korea, but I enjoyed the fun nature of the track and the range of vocals shown.

Surprising in a good way.


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