Watch these good K-pop babies dance to “TT” and twerk to “Doo Doom Chit”


As we all know, K-pop babies are the good in an increasingly evil industry, and we luckily got three of the best of the year in quick succession.

Did you need to see an adorable K-pop baby dance to Twice‘s “TT“? You’re goddamn right.

Where were you when this K-pop baby ended Dahyun‘s “neomu hae neomu hae” quasi-meme?

Most importantly, you need to see these two K-pop babies dancing to Crayon Pop‘s “Doo Doom Chit“.

The older K-pop baby is cute and does the actual moves and is sure to be a Way’s Girls recruit in due time, but the other K-pop baby is goddamn dead from the gloriousness.

Luckily for us, the K-pop baby recovers and then is so taken by the musical genius of Crayon Pop that he starts twerking.


K-pop babies are good.


Bonus baby time.


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