Psy cleared of involvement in Park Geun Hye scandal, which shouldn’t surprise


Psy, who recently has been involved in rumors that he was affiliated with the Park Geun Hye/Choi Soon Sil scandal, has recently been cleared of being a celebrity in question.

Congressman Ahn Min Suk’s staff confirmed on November 11 that Psy is not the one he was accusing by stating, “Psy from YG Entertainment is not the celebrity Congressman Ahn was referring to, the one who is close to Choi Soon Shil.”

This matches up with YG saying at a press conference yesterday that there was a 0% chance of Psy being involved in this mess.

Yang Hyun Suk himself said during SBS ‘K-Pop Star’press conference, “I saw a tabloid news that said Psy was the Choi Soon Shil celebrity…I want to say that there is 0% relevance with Psy.”


From the start, Psy’s alleged involvement in this seemed based off dubious reasons, namely being in YG Entertainment, having one of his music videos directed by Cha Eun Taek, and noting that he was invited to a bunch of international events to perform. As I said at the time, though, none of that was at all convincing. Of course Psy was chosen for a lot of events, he had a massive global hit with a ton of recognition and was promoting in the biggest music market in the world. It never seemed to make much sense to me from the get go, and unless something new emerges, we can put the Psy rumors to bed.

I’ve also been somewhat skeptical of the extent of YGE’s involvement in this scandal. Yes, there’s more suspicious things at play there with the cultural complex and government favors and all that, but there hasn’t been any argument presented that’s been truly compelling yet, in my opinion.

In any case, we’ll see as this continues to unfold and hopefully Ahn Minseok backs up all his talk with actual names and actual receipts.


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