Nayeon telepathically makes Momo fall into a hole on stage just so she can save the day

Nayeon is a disgusting idol. TWICE stans want to deny it, but it’s true. It’s true, man.

In addition to being guilty of a wide assortment of heinous past offenses, including not jumping high enough, her latest crime is using her telepathy to force Momo to stumble backwards and almost fall through a hole in the stage. However, just before Momo plunges to her certain death, she just happens to be rescued by Nayeon’s all-too-quick reaction, almost as if Nayeon KNEW everything that was about to transpire. Oh right, it’s because SHE DID.

What kind of psychopath idol makes her fellow member almost get seriously injured or DIE all so she can swoop in and save the day, thus giving “evidence” to sheeple stans that Nayeon is not a stinky turd burger of a human being?

I am disgusted.

Folks, this is right up there with the time when ‘Magneto’ Boram of the bully-dols T-ara broke the metal frame of Hwayoung‘s umbrella from across a field. We need to blow this issue up and get justice for TWICE, just like we ended T-ara for Hwayoung.

Somebody needs to stop Nayeon, and I’ve setup this Go Fund Me account, so please donate. For every $100,000 you give me, I will invest a dollar into stopping this abomination of a human. Thank you.



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