Kim Eana criticized for ‘sexist’ SHINee lyrics comparing women to flowers or … whatever


Famous lyricist Kim Eana oddly found herself under fire recently for penning the supposedly “sexist” lyrics in SHINee‘s “If You Love Her.”

After she made an Instagram post about the track…

…she received feedback with some netizens saying that a part of the lyrics was discriminatory towards women.

She received negative comments about a certain phrase used in the song. Some netizens pointed out that the line “Cherish her more than you would a flower” was discriminatory against women.

Eventually, Kim Eana responded in an Instagram post.

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“There are a lot of listeners who pinpoint sexist expressions in songs. I have tried to be more and more careful but I slip up constantly and it makes me realize how deeply rooted the problem is.” She described the criticisms as a “healthy phenomenon” for lyricists like her to be careful about sexism in their work. She ended the statement with a promise, “I am going to try to become a lyricist that thinks more about the stereotypes of men and women.”

I consider myself generally aware of the shit people find offensive and all that, but it honestly took me a while to figure out what the problem could possibly even be here. I assume (cause I still don’t actually know) the problem is comparing a woman to a flower because one is a human and one is a plant?

I dunno, honestly. Are we really doing this? I always try to empathize, but I seriously don’t understand these people at all. It’s even more bizarre that of all people they’re criticizing Kim Eana for sexism, but alrighty, I guess.


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