KNK aren’t releasing the MV for “U” cause it’s too shit, are the heroes we need


KNK won’t be releasing a music video for “U” when they make their comeback because their company YNB Entertainment basically said it’s shit.

On November 16, their agency YNB Entertainment said, “We decided to discard the music video for ‘U’, KNK’s title track for their second mini album ‘REMAIN’ because of quality issues.” Although the filming for the music video had concluded at the end of October and a teaser for the video had already been released, after internal discussions, the decision was made to scrap the video. The agency continued, “We are most apologetic to the fans who waited for the music video. We have no plans for re-filming and will show a perfect side through our live performances.”

As mentioned, they already released a teaser for the music video and it looks … alright?

Lest you think I would mock them for this, to the contrary, it’s admirable that they’re just not gonna release a music video they think is terrible even if it looks basically like any number of other boy group music videos in the teaser. Furthermore, let’s hope this starts a trend, eh?

We were going to release this shitty ballad attempt/snail-tempo coffee-house song, but then we remembered there’s actual vocalists and indie artists who do that better and actually compose/write their own music to sorta justify it being otherwise snooze-inducing. Thanks for making us think, KNK!

KNK are heroes when you think about it.


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