EXO’s fansite admins were using other idols as part of their tripods at Asia Artist Awards


EXO were at the Asia Artist Awards, and thus so were crazy fucking fansite admins. Unsurprisingly, they were wildin’ out to get the best pictures of EXO.

Security? They don’t give a fuck about security. Just bum rush the seats in the front and ignore those bitches.

The same appeared to apply for giving a shit about getting right in the faces of the idols or blocking the views for the audience. The aisle is their seat, dammit.




Most importantly, they weren’t afraid to use other idols’ heads as part of their camera’s tripod, as captured by MAMAMOO and SEVENTEEN fansites.



I would say I’m surprised, but nobody is surprised. In fact, I’m only surprised they didn’t stand up in front of everybody at the base of the stage to take pictures and instead actually just rushed the seats.


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