LOONA’s Heejin & Hyunjin revealed, quality music videos dropped, crazy fan appeased


Okay, so there’s a new girl group called LOONA debuting soon (sorta), and they’re a group that’s 12 members strong. However, despite the fact that only two fucking members out of the 12 have been revealed thus far, they apparently already have psycho-ass crazy stans, as my inbox would attest.





And that’s only from the last day. This shit has been going on for weeks, you guys. I know this is one of the regulars too cause they address me like they know me.

You shit.

Fine, motherfuckers, fine. Here it is.


Anyway, as mentioned, LOONA are taking a novel approach to introducing their members, with each member getting their own solo debut over the course of the next goddamn year. So far, we’ve been introduced to Heejin and Hyunjin, who have not only done their own music videos but have also done a duo unit song as well.


Heejin – “Vivid”

Heejin – “Vivid” Acoustic Version

Heejin is attractive, and beyond that, she’s photogenic. The visuals will be a help, but I liked her voice as well, and it seems like seems like one that would thrive more in a lower register. The song itself is surprisingly catchy at points, and I was impressed by the music video quality considering they have to make like … at least 12 of these and perhaps more than 30.

Good start.

Hyunjin – “Around You”

Hyunjin – “Around You” Film Version

Hyunjin is gonna be the cute member, I guess. Smart choice by the company to go with a coffee-house feel to it that’s able to hide her lack of range and power. However, she’s able to stay in tune, which should serve her well going forward. Given the 10-minute music video version, I’m guessing her future will be in acting or something to that effect.

Quite frankly, this was more what I expected when I saw that each member would be getting two music videos and that there would be sub-units on top of that. This serves the purpose of introducing the member, but it was also forgettable.

Heejin & Hyunjin – “I’ll Be There”

Now I see the plan coming into place. They’re already forming units, presumably to help us get used to them as a group, as well as to ensure that as this continues over the next year, we don’t forget about the members who were introduced first.

I was honestly surprised that this was such a quality offering, providing us with an upbeat 90s-inspired instrumental that worked extremely well for my eardrums, and their execution of the music was also exceptional. Honestly, this interested me more than anything thus far, and they could move forward as a credible duo as far as I’m concerned.


Truth be told, I kinda like that LOONA’s debut approach is different, and I’m more interested in breaking down the company’s marketing tactics than the group at the moment. Debuting this way lets us immediately get a feel for individual members and what the intended images for them are supposed to be instead of having to feel that out over time. The risk, of course, is that by the time all 12 are revealed a year later, the earlier members could be forgotten or they’ll find themselves losing popularity already, but it does seem they as if they have a strategy to mitigate that as well through the units. Either way, it’s an interesting gambit and so far the showing is strong through two members.

So yes, I’ll cover it from here on out, fuck.


‘Heejin’ Single Album

“Vivid” Song

‘Hyunjin’ Single Album

“Around You” Song

“I’ll Be There” Song


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