Actor Ma Dong Seok dating professional good-looking person Ye Jung Hwa


Veteran actor Ma Dong Seok (45), probably best known at this point for ‘Train To Busan‘, and model/trainer Ye Jung Hwa (28), probably best known for being hot, are confirmed to be dating according their agency Daydream Entertainment.

On November 18, Osen revealed that actor Ma Dong Seok and health trainer Ye Jung Hwa have been dating for about three months. The pair became a couple after being a part of the same agency. Furthermore, their shared interests of studying English and exercise brought them closer to each other. Ye Jung Hwa previously picked Ma Dong Seok as her ideal type on a broadcast. A source commented, “They are a lovely couple that is very well matched.”

Ma Dong Seok is quite diesel…


…and Ye Jung Hwa is quite hot.


Honestly I’m only writing about this to post about Ye Jung Hwa being hot.


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