Sulli visits ER due to wrist injury that needed x-rays, netizens thirsty


Sulli had to get treated in an emergency room at a local hospital for a wrist injury that needed an x-ray, but she was released after 30 minutes of treatment.

According to reports, the actress went to the hospital with her manager and received emergency treatment for 30 minutes, after which she got an X-ray. A source from the Seoul National University Hospital PR team said, “The patient is currently not at the hospital. We are unable to disclose anything else, as it’s personal information.”

SM Entertainment then issued a clarification as well.

A source from SM Entertainment spoke to news on November 24 about the reports on Sulli’s wrist injury: “We spoke with Sulli, and confirmed that she injured her wrist due to carelessness while at home. She went to the emergency on Friday morning for treatment, after which she came home.”

We, of course, don’t know if these statements are the truth or not any more than we normally would.

What I do know, however, is that if this was anybody else, it would just be seen as a fall or something and that person making sure their wrist wasn’t broken, but since this is Sulli and netizens think she’s “crazy”, the suicide attempt rumor mill started up.

1. [+128, -11] Someone said that their friend is a journalism intern and that Sulli had a suicide attempt… I hope that’s not true
3. [+111, -9] I saw several posts saying she slit her wrists before this article came out;;;; And there are so many people in the ER that it’s hard to keep mouths shut… I hope she’s okay…
4. [+17, -1] I wonder if it’s because Choiza wanted to break up?..
5. [+16, -3] Did she slit her wrist?

That stuff, combined with the media play accusations…

2. [+111, -9] For some reason I have a feeling she’ll update her Instagram with a picture of herself in a hospital bed and a comment like “Injured ㅠㅠ it hurts”…
6. [+14, -6] Selca at the ER ♥

…and the “look even if she did try to kill herself, it’s cause she was crazy not cause of us being shit humans” defensiveness…

8. [+7, -1] But why would people blame hate comments for her suicide attempt?? She’s always seemed unstable, it was obvious to the eye… and her hate comments weren’t because people were just hating for no reason but because of her weird pictures and pictorial concepts… she never had hate comments before that
5. [+32, -7] Seems like she slit her wrist… she always seemed unstable. Choiza’s the trash for playing her, sigh. What a pitiful life..

…it just weirds me out, honestly. I’m still unclear on exactly what she has done to warrant such disdain.

It’s like netizens are rooting for a suicide attempt or something, but mainly so they can justify their concern trolling and say she’s “crazy”. However, if it’s not a suicide attempt, then they want to claim it’s just her attention whoring again.

You know it’s a lose-lose situation for you with the general morons public when you need to get x-rays for a potential broken wrist and people are either wishing you are so depressed you tried to kill yourself or people think it’s all a publicity stunt.


Anyway, just hope it was just a wrist sprain or something and nothing more serious.



Sulli updated her Instagram, saying she’s sorry for making fans worry.


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