[Update] Crayon Pop’s Soyul is marrying Moon Hee Jun … wait, what the fuck?


Crayon Pop‘s Soyul (25) is getting married to former H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun (38) and … wait, what?


Yeah, so this came out of nowhere, and my reaction and your reaction is probably the same as everybody else’s reaction.


When you think just a bit, it’s amazing for Soyul to make the ultimate sacrifice here. Clearly she saw what temporarily dating former H.O.T. member Tony Ahn did for Girl’s Day, and Soyul decided to temporarily marry Moon Hee Jun for Crayon Pop in hopes of besting Hyeri’s legendary power move.

My thoughts on his visual…


…are complex and thorough.


Seriously though, she is 100% knocked up, right? Gotta be.

Anyway, she posted a message about the engagement.

Hello it’s Crayon Pop’s Soyul. Time has gone by so fast and it’s almost winter. You guys are staying healthy and well right? I’ve been doing well due to the warm support of all of you guys and other fans. THis is a bit sudden but today I’m going to say what I need to first. You might be suprised but…I feel like my fans are the first ones I should be telling this to since they are the ones who give me the most strength, this is why I am writing this. I’m very nervous right now as well but..I’ve met somebody who loves me and holds me dear and we will be marrying. It’s very sudden but this is a choice in my life I’ve pondered a lot. I hope you guys could support me and bless us. The marriage won’t be the end, I’ll continue to be here for you guys and I will come back as better soyul in order to return the love i have received all these years back!

Probably the most important thing to note is that she says she’s coming back.

Man, what a shocker though.



While many (like me) immediately assumed that Soyul must’ve gotten pregnant, which is why the marriage is popping up so suddenly, she denied that through Chrome Entertainment.

On November 24, her agency Chrome Entertainment reiterated that the marriage announcement was true, but that the decision to marry was not made because of any extenuating circumstances.

Actually kinda makes sense since they’re getting married in February, which would be far too late to attempt to hide a shotgun marriage.


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