2NE1 is officially over, CL & Sandara re-sign but Park Bom doesn’t


2NE1 has officially disbanded, according to an official statement from YG Entertainment.

2NE1’s exclusive contract expired in May 2016, and with Minzy leaving 2NE1, we have come to the decision to officially disband after extensive discussion with the remaining members. As 2NE1 was YG’s official girl group for seven years, we cannot begin to express how we feel, but we determined that it was too difficult to continue. Rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for 2NE1’s next promotions, we have decided to focus on the members’ solo activities. We sincerely thank all the fans both in Korea and abroad that have loved the group and their music for all this time. We would like to officially announce that after last May, we resigned with CL and Sandara Park. However, unfortunately, there is no new contract with Park Bom.

So CL and Sandara have re-signed to solo contracts, presumably CL for music and Sandara for acting/becoming a CEO, but Park Bom will be a free agent probably because there’s no road back for her with the public at the moment. Minzy, obviously, left the group in April, and back then YGE promised that 2NE1 would return. Anybody with a brain was skeptical of YGE promising anything, and now a little over six months later and they’re officially done.

A rather shitty ending for one of the most impactful girl groups in K-pop history, but that is usually how it goes.


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