Taehyun posts handwritten letter, vows to continue making music


After parting ways with WINNER and YG Entertainment yesterday, Taehyun posted a handwritten letter addressing the situation on Instagram.


Hello. This is Nam Tae Hyun.

I am sorry that this unfortunate news was received by people who love me.

There were a lot of events during that short or long time.

I was really happy when I received undeserved love as WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun.

Although this decision was made after a long discussion, my wish to make good music has not changed and I will meet you through other music and projects.

Stay healthy in this cold weather and I genuinely thank everyone who is supporting me.

From Nam Tae Hyun.


Following watching him get scapegoated for WINNER’s problems by dedicated scumshit YG, and considering he’s publicly clashed with what YGE’s preferred narrative before, this certainly could read like the decision was anything but mutual.

I guess we’ll find out with time, but just saying.


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