[Update] Wiz Khalifa says Taeyeon backed out of collab with him, MAMA comes through


While watching Taeyeon perform at yesterday’s MAMA 2016, everybody assumed that her stage would segue right into her collab with Wiz Khalifa, mostly because the collab was announced beforehand and because they even rehearsed it.

Well, it didn’t happen, and I thought we just got conned. I was quite salty that it didn’t happen cause it would’ve worked out great.


Understandably, everybody just figured MAMA fucked it up cause MAMA fucks EVERYTHING up. However, according to Wiz Khalifa’s recent tweets, it was Taeyeon that backed out of the collab.

DJ Bonics also spoke on the situation.

Apparently they even recorded stuff.


Nobody knows exactly what happened yet, but Wiz and his DJ seem pressed about how things went down, and they’re directing a bunch of that towards Taeyeon.

Maybe Taeyeon said Wiz was “handsome for a black person” or something?



Regardless of what happened, I know this: MAMA never fails to deliver the drama. Even when it’s not during the show, it still comes through.



Update 1

The DJ is saying that they’re not mad, but reiterates that Taeyeon is the one who backed out.

Then he did a bit of damage control, probably after quickly finding out how insane K-pop fans are.

Regardless of the new tweets, it seems reasonable to expect an explanation for this from … well, somebody. Otherwise, it just comes off as horribly unprofessional on the part of Taeyeon.


Update 2

Taeyeon provided an explanation for what went down.


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