TWICE’s Mina inadvertently wears Rising Sun Flag thanks to fan gift, witch-hunt incoming


TWICE‘s Mina was photographed at a recent event wearing a Mount Fuji hat that had the Rising Sun Flag printed on the side of it. On the surface that seems like a horribly shitty thing to do, but when one provides context is becomes a lot more innocuous.

To start, here’s the pictures.



Thing is, all that happened was that she was gifted the hat by a fan, she wore it for a hot second because it was a gift from a fan, and then the manager removed it with the swiftness.

Seriously though, Mina didn’t even know the hat had the Rising Sun Flag on it because she didn’t see it.

Anyway, the person who gifted Mina the hat is a Japanese stan of TWICE, and they posted their explanation up on Twitter.


That was later deleted for clarity reasons, and they posted another statement.

So … meh.

It was thoughtless of the fan to put Mina in that situation, and I guess Mina probably should’ve checked anyway (though I understand why she’d be lazy about it), but it’s honestly just difficult for me to pretend this is a thing anybody needs to get mad about.

As I say that, though, I’m entirely aware that ultra-nationalists and antis and concern trolls will be doing the most with this, because they always do, so I look forward to eventually making memes about right-wing Japanese leader Mina.


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