Inoo Kei, previously on vacation with AV star, now has 2 announcers visiting his home


Inoo Kei of Hey! Say! JUMP was previously caught up in controversy when he was spotted with AV star Asuka Kirara while on vacation totally by coincidence or something, and now two different female announcers were spotted visiting his apartment, according to Shukan Bunshun.



Ugaki Misato of TBS‘s ‘Asachan‘ and Mikami Mana of Fuji TV‘s ‘Mezamashi Terebi‘ both work for morning news programs and both were photographed visiting Inoo Kei’s apartment.



In response, Johnny’s Entertainment, Fuji TV, and TBS all released statements.

“Due to the irrational behavior that led to such speculation, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience or worry caused.” (Johnny’s Jimusho)

“It is true that they have eaten meals together as co-stars. However, there is no relationship.” (Fuji TV)

“We do not answer regarding the private lives of our employees.” (TBS)

Sure, sure, but there’s nothing to stop me from congratulating the dude on ALLEGEDLY boning Asuka Kirara and having a threesome with two announcers in his apartment.


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