Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei & JAV star Asuka Kirara went on a totally innocent vacation


Inoo Kei of Hey! Say! JUMP (a Johnny’s Entertainment group) was caught together with porn star Asuka Kirara in Singapore, according to Shukan Josei.


In addition to the pictures, guests saw them getting a lot friendlier.

Guests at Marina Bay Sands, the hotel they were at, reported that they also saw the two snuggling up together in the Jacuzzi together.

Perhaps the best part about this, though, is the damage control.

According to Johnny’s Jimusho, the two first met each other about a year ago at a friend’s dinner party. They then happened to have met in Singapore, by chance, and went to the pool together, but they are not dating or in any sort of relationship. Just friends, says Johnny’s Jimusho.

Her agency reportedly says she went to Singapore with a female friend (pictured below) and corroborated the story given by Johnny’s Jimusho.

Goood trip??✧

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They then happened to have met in Singapore, by chance.


People actually believe this shit.

Anyway, good for them, whatever this was. I’ll just be sitting back and eating popcorn as I watch this unfold.

Oh yeah, and because I’m a man of the most pure and innocent thoughts, I had no idea who she was before this. As such I did extensive research to ensure you only get the best journalism here at Asian Junkie, and after exhaustive fact checking, I can conclude that he is a lucky man.


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