Actor Narimiya Hiroki, accused of using cocaine, was actually making a child’s candy


About a week ago, actor Narimiya Hiroki was reportedly found to be using to cocaine, at least according to FRIDAY.

The article in question has a distorted photo of Narimiya in his home on November 9th with white powder on the table. FRIDAY claims that this white powder is cocaine. A fake friend of Narimiya’s is the one who gave the photo to FRIDAY and he claims that Narimiya does other drugs such as cannabis and ketamine. Additionally, according to Narimiya’s so called friend, Narimiya also does drugs in the VIP rooms of popular clubs in Roppongi and Nishiazubu.

Of course, he denied that emphatically.

Today, FRIDAY published an article stating that actor Hiroki Narimiya does cocaine. Completely denying the report, Narimiya’s office is threatening to take legal measures against FRIDAY because they say the article lacks any grounds and is false. Narimiya has also released a statement saying he does not do drugs at all and that he resents FRIDAY for publishing the article. He also apologized for causing his fans any concern.

Well, turns out it might’ve actually been for a solid reason.


One netizen pointed out that rather than doing lines of cocaine, it appears the actor was making Fun Cake Shop candy.

I … I can’t disagree.

Thing is, that kinda opens up a whole new line of questioning doesn’t it? If you’re a 34-year-old actor who played Phoenix Wright in ‘Ace Attorney‘, I figure it’s better to be caught doing lines.

Maybe that was the plan all along?


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