Hate Me Now: The Ballad Of The Taeyeon Stans

If you were one of the lucky/unlucky ones to not have followed along on Twitter, Taeyeon stans recently went a tad apeshit at me. Why? All because I was defending you bunch of fucking worthless degenerates, dammit.

That’s right, you lot making Taeyeon jokes made two of her most prolific stans launch an assault on me not seen since the FBI was involved.

Whatever, cause…

…it’s free content time!

This person totally doesn’t take me seriously, which you can tell because they tweets at me a billion times in a row.

Hey, point taken.

Plus, you have to give them credit, because they call themselves out.

Insecure Taeyeon stan snakes? Shit, even I didn’t drag them like that.

The commenters here are “garbage full of twat”, by the way.

And you guys are here because I invite “scavenger in to shit”.

Gotta give them credit for giving me my new Twitter bio.

Most importantly, while one can get mad at the jokes or whatever, it’s your own damn fault sometimes.

That’s a wrap, folks.


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