SNH48’s Tang Anqi making progress on way back from suffering severe burns

Many of you have been asking me about the status of SNH48‘s Tang Anqi, who was severely burned after catching on fire/being set on fire in a coffee shop. I hadn’t seen much for a while, but in recent months there’s been a bunch of updates, and thankfully they’ve been positive.

At the start of August it was revealed that she’s now able to eat and walk under her own power, though her eyesight was a bit spotty. In the middle of September, there was another update that she was getting the eyesight problem fixed.

By the end of September, there was a video posted of Tang Anqi doing physical therapy.

And in another video taken at the beginning of November, she rides an exercise bike.

So for those who were wondering, the progress seems to be going about as well as could be expected. Most importantly, her spirits appear to be high and she seems determined, which are qualities that will assist her in getting back to living a normal life (or maybe even returning to the stage like she wants).


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