BABYMETAL tops in Asia again on Billboard’s year-end charts

In 2014, BABYMETAL led the way for Asian artists on both Billboard‘s World Albums and World Albums Artists charts at #7 and #5, respectively, thanks to their self-titled album, ‘BABYMETAL‘. In 2015, they repeated the feat, this time checking in at #5 and #5, respectively. Well, surprise surprise, but BABYMETAL lead the way in 2016 again, and they’ve been moving up as well. They placed at #3 on the World Albums chart with ‘Metal Resistance‘ and got bumped up slightly to #4 on the World Albums Artist chart.

I cover this every year because it continues to amuse me no matter how much hype K-pop gets in the West and how much they desire to crossover to Western countries, they still get trampled by three teenagers doing heavy metal music that all started as a part of a J-pop group.

Besides that, they are great and deserve this shit.

Anyway, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers betta stan.


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