Jang Moonbok, the “fuckboy” from ‘God Of Music’, is gonna be on ‘Produce 101’

Produce 101‘ is coming back with a second season that involves male trainees, and Pann thinks they got a list of dudes who are gonna be on the show.

Yes yes, I realize former Day6 member Junhyeok has potential for drama due to the circumstances of his exit from his group, but by far the most important thing is that Jang Moonbok is gonna be on this shit.

Everybody knows him as the hip-hop president from ‘Superstar K‘…

…but we know that’s for mainstream lames, and his true genius was not appreciated until he hit ‘God Of Music‘.


Now I am all fucking in on this shit.

When this mess gets started, somebody make me a tutorial so I can vote for my fuckboy.


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