KARD’s “Oh NaNa” choreo features members grinding … sorta

KARD released a video showcasing the point choreography for their “Oh NaNa” debut, and it features grinding … sorta.

They can’t actually do the grinding for … reasons, of course. And a part of me thinks a reason this group will fail is exactly the co-ed interactions with a mature concept. That’s not exactly conducive to drawing the type of fans they probably need, but I hope I’m wrong cause this would be a welcome different trend.

Song sounds catchy anyway.

Additionally, KARD released a music video teaser for “Oh NaNa”.

As you can see, there’s only four of the members in both videos, which makes me think Youngji may not actually be in the group but rather just a featuring. And the more I read, the more I realize nobody actually knows who is in KARD except the four we see.

DSP Media are gonna fuck this up.


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