Media report on wrong MBK shutting down, try to end T-ara & DIA themselves

People are still thirsty for T-ara to be ruined, and when MBK recently announced they were shutting down their entertainment sector, Korean media got a gigantic boner and reported that the company behind T-ara and DIA was OVER.

MBK, a company that is listed in KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), has officially decided to suspend their entertainment sector. The company announced their decision on December 12. From the first quarter to their third quarter, the entertainment field of the company made 2.7 million won (approximately $2.3 million), which made up about 23 percent of their overall sales of 12.1 million won (approximately $10 million).

The problem? MBK isn’t related to MBK Entertainment.

Korean media sources mistook the company for MBK Entertainment, which houses artists such as T-ara and DIA. In response to these reports, an MBK Entertainment representative replied, “They are not related to us. MBK and MBK Entertainment are two different companies.”

They tried it.


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