Narimiya Hiroki tests negative for drugs, but retires due to betrayal, anxiety, sexuality

Actor Narimiya Hiroki, who was accused of doing cocaine and other drugs by a friend to FRIDAY (but might’ve actually just been making candy or something), announced that he would be retiring from the entertainment industry, citing betrayal, anxiety, and a reference to sexuality.


I am aware that I was the cause of everything that has happened. I was tricked by several people and was betrayed by a friend whom I trusted with all my heart.

In this kind of career, there are things such as sexuality which the people [from this industry] do not want to expose, I cannot express enough fear, despair, and anxiety which continue to crush me. This is because of the wrong information which is spreading until now.

I want to disappear from the entertainment world.

Continuing my work in the entertainment industry might cause further inconveniences to other people. There is no way but to leave the industry as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for everyone who was involved in making me grow as an actor as well as those who supported me.

For the fans who cheered on me, I would like to apologize in leaving [the industry] this way.

I am really sorry. At the same time, thank you very much.

December 8, 2016

Narimiya Hiroki


Following the accusations, Narimiya passed a drug test

Following the release of the article, the agency arranged for Narimiya to take an urine test for drug consumption on 7 December which turned out to be negative.

…but the actor had already decided to retire, despite the agency’s best efforts.

His management was also surprised with his decision. “We had to talk about this multiple times, but since his decision has been final, we had no choice but to respect him.”

I’m not quite sure what to make of this.

The cynic in me wants to say that this rash action is because he was actually doing drugs and needed to shake off the trace. However, he did pass the drug test and the picture certainly didn’t seem conclusive by any means (better argument for the candy, honestly), and it’s understandable to become disillusioned by the industry after a friend betrays you for (probably) cash to a tabloid. Furthermore, I’m not sure if he’s hinting that he’s gay or he’s just talking about the rumors, but perhaps that’s another thing he doesn’t want to deal with.

Either way, if this is the end (and I’m not convinced it is), it’s a rather shitty way to go out.


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